Drawn Together:

Burgers, Viola Preciado & Secrest


April 4 – May 27, 2022


Artist Panel Discussion was held April 12th, 2022.  View the recording:

Historically, women have come together to create objects of beauty and practicality, to share their stories and skills, and to support one another. Artists Susan Burgers,

Laura Viola Preciado and Kathleen Secrest began drawing together to create community and inspire their individual artistic practices. The pandemic created new challenges requiring unique approaches for working together, requiring the artists to move outdoors, wear masks and even create drawings while remaining six feet apart. 


All drawings incorporate marks made by each artist responding to the marks made by the others. Once a week these artists were drawn together to share in the practice of abstraction, challenging one other to integrate the marks as the drawings progressed, and agreeing on completion. This practice was an exercise in non-verbal communication, critique and community as the artists grew closer and supported each other through unsettling times.