Biennial Lab Tech Exhibition

Heather Cornelius, Aaron Hartzell & Devon Urquhart


June 6th - August 8th, 2022

Live Zoom Artist Panel Discussion

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The Biennial Lab Tech Exhibition features the work of our esteemed support colleagues in the visual arts. Expertise and guidance shared with students by the Fine Art Division lab techs are second to none in a studio setting.  Along with keeping our studios in top condition, lab tech mentorship and technical knowledge contributes to student learning about their own techniques and processes. This biennial exhibition pays homage to our lab techs as diverse artists in their own right.  Help us celebrate the work of Heather Cornelius, Aaron Hartzell and Devon Urquhart.

This spring, the Helen S. Smith Gallery will also present our annual student exhibition in addition to the Biennial Lab Tech Exhibition, engaging our viewers both in the gallery, amidst small curated exhibitions on campus, and virtually!  In our gallery in her more than 50-year tenure, we have hosted a remarkable many of the NW greats who have celebrated national and international acclaim throughout their careers, some of which began here at the college as students. The student exhibition heralds as the annual crowning achievement for Green River art students. For many, it is a first-time exhibition of their work, an opportunity to make their voices heard, a method of self-expression and a moment of pride. Thank you to the campus community for an epic school year and for the support of our emerging artists.

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Images above: 


Tacoma Collaboration ,Ceramic vessel: Heather Cornelius, Painter: Rich Hall ,30” ceramic vase, acrylic, spray paint 


Aaron Hartzel , From the series “Surreal Suburbia the Light of America”, Archival ink print ,Aprox. 17 x 22 inches 
Devon Urquhart, Under Construction, 7x7